Luke Volkert
is a Brooklyn based Composer, Producer, and Songwriter. He is a graduate of Oberlin College & Conservatory where he studied music theory, composition, and production with famed composers Elizabeth Ogonek, Willem Jeths, and Jay Ashby. Outside of his college education, he honed his musical abilities by working at studios such as Headroom Studios in Philadelphia, performing and touring, and producing music for himself and others for the past 8 years. Luke’s unique combination of musical and technical skills has helped inform his work across multiple genres. An active collaborator, he has scored films and written music for multi-media projects, including a collaboration with acclaimed artist Meg Saligman for her installation FIGMAGO. Recently he wrote the score for Waiting for Waves — a documentary that won the award for "Best Film" at the Redstone Film Festival, Best Sound Design at the 2022 Thin Line Fest, and features at the Austin, River Run. Luke’s band Blubird has racked up millions of streams on Spotify, landed on official playlists, and has taken him on multiple tours around the U.S. These days he plays in many bands in New York, playing notable venues such as Webster Hall, Foxwoods Casio, The Cutting Room, and even selling out The Sultan Room and Mercury Lounge with his band Boys Go To Jupiter. | @luke.volkert
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